Ongoing Support

Whether you're just starting out or have an operational business, there are many free online tools available to guide on your entrepreneurial journey. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)Futurpreneur Canada, TD Bank and Canada Business Network websites have webinars, articles, templates and more designed to educate, inform and inspire entrepreneurs.

The online tools below are great places to start. The next step is connecting in-person (or over the phone) with local resources in your community.  Start building your entrepreneurial support network today!

What challenges are you facing?

1. Blog: Thinking about entrepreneurship? 

2. BDC: Should I start or buy a business?

3. Do I have a good idea? (video)

4. Help with business strategy and planning

5.Tips on money and finance

6. Creating a successful marketing strategy

7. Developing a sales strategy

8. Operations

9. Sample Business Plan Templates

10. Webinars

11. Books

Connecting with free resources in your community

Canada has a wealth of free in-person support resources waiting to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. You can find traditional “bricks and mortar” government funded offices in all major cities and most rural centres across Canada. They all go by different names (Small Business Development Centre, Community Futures, KEDCO) making them sometimes difficult to find. Whatever the name, they all are staffed by experts ready to assist or point you in the right direction. Contact one of them and start building your support network today! 

In the regional compilations below, the organization listed after POE is the best place to start. They either spoke at a POE one-day workshop or at boot camp and will always make time to talk and answer questions.

National and Online Resources (PDF) 

Provincial and Community-Based Resources (PDF):


Corporate Legal Advice and Services

The number one legal mistake made by entrepreneurs is thinking legal issues can be addressed later. Through a partnership with Pro Bono Ontario and Bennett Jones LLP. POE is offering program participants a continuum of corporate law services such as: general legal information on business structure (incorporation, partnership, sole proprietorship) corporate tax, employment and contract law, real estate leases, licensing, intellectual property, and other business, commercial and regulatory matters related to their businesses.

This is offered free of charge to all participants across Canada. All legal advice given is specific to the province in question.   

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To book an an appointment with a lawyer CLICK HERE.