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Chimera Firearms Training Inc

Taylor McCubbin
Toronto, Ontario
Boot Camp Class Regina 2017
Chimera Firearms Training provides live and simulated firearms training for professionals as well as the general public. We believe our armed professionals deserve better access to quality training resources.

Ground Force Training

Stan Hudecki
Hamilton, Ontario
Ground Force Training offers superior quality, customized operator, driver and supervisor training courses.

Whether you prefer to attend an in-class training session at a location near you, or on-site training, completed at your location, using your machines, we have a training method perfect for you!

Archaeological Prospectors

Jason Jeandron
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Archaeological Prospectors is a full service archaeological consulting company providing traditional survey and excavation techniques including non-destructive, cost effective geophysical surveys.

Archer's Blue Car Driving School

Dominic Turgeon and Kelly Lund
Edmonton, Alberta
Archer's Blue Car Driving School is a Veteran owned and operated family business that offers patient, practical and friendly Alberta Class 5 driver training.

Arcs of Fire Investments Inc

Michael Quinn
Ottawa, Ontario
Boot Camp Class Memorial 2017
Introducing the The Arcs of Fire Tactical Balanced Fund

Your investment will generate management fee revenue. Part of these fees will be directed to the "Veteran Fund" a new Not-For-Profit, who will manage how and where each dollar is spent in support of Veterans and their families in need.

“Proven wealth management for investors. Management fees for Veterans’ charities"

Ares Fitness and Supplements Inc.

Mark Webb
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
AF&S is 100% veteran owned and operated. They provide more than just a fitness program, but a whole of approach to training and self betterment. Physical training, mental toughness training, spiritual and life coaching available. Our focus is on members looking to be a part of the SOF world.

Armaphase Electrique

Avalon Osi
Montreal, Quebec
Certified electrical company serving all three domains: residential, commercial, industrial. RBQ#: 5698-2200

Arrowhead Coffee Company

Cameron Bjornson, Adam Dunphy
Ottawa, Ontario
Arrowhead Coffee Company is Owned and Operated by Veterans & was inspired while on deployments with the Canadian Armed Forces. We are proud to be Canadian and we want Canadians to be proud of our products. We love Canada, the True North Strong and Free. A portion of all profits goes back into helping CAF Members, Veterans and their Families.

Arthur Henry Counselling & Organizational Consultation

Arthur Henry
North Bay, Ontario
Provides psychotherapy to veteran and 1st responder populations. Assists organizations with employee wellness with Critical Incident Stress Management, Business Architecture, education and coaching.

Athena Freight Services Inc.

Crystal MacKinnon & Tammy Dixon
Trenton Town Centre, Ontario
Leave your shipping to us!
Athena Freight Services Inc. is a logistics company in Trenton ON, serving North American small and medium size businesses in their shipping departments. We fulfil all your logistics needs from arranging paperwork, pick-up to delivery for any shipment over 500lbs. Call Athena Freight for your next shipment!

Aurelius Food Co.

Mike George
Ottawa, Ontario
We find high quality artisan food products from around the world, and bring them home. Our values are simple, our products refined.
Our flagship product is our pure, authentic small batch extra virgin olive oil from Sacrofano, Italy. Currently supplying many of the top chefs in Ottawa for their high end garnishing oil.

Avis Immigration

Gabrielle Frédette Fortin
Vancouver, British Columbia
Boot Camp Class Laval 2014
Avis Immigration provides assistance to prospective immigrants who are looking to relocate to Canada. We have an extensive knowledge and understanding of Canadian immigration procedures and requirements. Gabrielle Frédette Fortin, RCIC is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).


Sal Barrie
B & M Moving and Hauling. For all your moving needs.

Backyard Mushrooms

Greg Collette
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Backyard Mushrooms provides Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms fresh from our garden to your kitchen. Check out our Facebook page for details and recipes!

Ballacaine Strategy & Execution

Mark Towhey
Toronto, Ontario

Mark Towhey is a management consultant with Ballacaine Strategy & Execution, working with clients in the private, public and international NGO sectors who aspire to achieve bold strategic objectives. He specializes in turning bold strategy into effective and successful action.

Bask in the Sun Coaching Inc.

Shawn Pettis
Sudbury, Ontario
Boot Camp Class Dalhousie 2016
All leaders influence the environment in their organization, positive or negative. The higher they are, the more influence they have. Having developed knowledge and experience in leadership, I understand how leaders can become stagnate, misdirected or require refinement. I believe in helping leaders regain focus and build the capabilities they need to create a workplace where

Bayview Escarpment Fine Furniture and Cabinetry

Scott Gooch
Annan, Ontario
Boot Camp Class Memorial 2013
Can’t find that right piece of furniture? I can build it for you.

Bayview Escarpment Fine Furniture and Cabinetry is about bringing your furniture to life, the way you want it. I provide heirloom quality furniture, cabinetry, Windsor chairs, finish carpentry and other fine woodwork. My process is simple. You share your ideas and inspiration with me, and together we’ll bring your dream furniture to life.

Bear-Nord Aquaponics Systems

Yves Bernard
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Boot Camp Class Dalhousie 2016
Bear-Nord Aquaponics Systems is an Atlantic Canadian company that designs and manufactures residential aquaponics food production systems. Our main goal is to promote aquaponics systems as a viable and sustainable way to grow your own chemical, pesticide and GMO free food in the comfort of your home year-round.

Between The Grain Woodworking

John Cassidy
Brandon, Manitoba
Boot Camp Class Memorial 2017
Hand crafted end-grain cutting boards with custom and popular designs. Native and exotic hard woods give each board its own unique look. We also produce board polish made from beeswax and mineral oil.

Big Red Bow Digital Marketing

Sarah Rozema-Seaton
Ottawa, Ontario
Do you need help with your business social media? Our approach to digital marketing and social media is a little different. We assess your business and work out the best plan of action based on your business and your goals. We measure your success and tailor your social media and digital marketing to meet the maximum engagement.

Bilodeau Custom Model Ships

Alain Bilodeau
Meteghan River, Nova Scotia
Boot Camp Class Laval 2015
Bilodeau Custom Model Ships' mission is a simple one: to create living memories with top quality models built with remarkable detail to capture its originality. Whether it be a tall ship, fishing vessel, cruise liner or any other form of naval transportation, Alain enjoys the challenge and diversity of building different types of models.


Kevin Leroux
West St Paul, Manitoba
BINGO ROSE, a veteran owned and operated business, proudly creates professional / affordable software solutions for BINGO and POKENO entertainment. Established in 2009, we have happy customers on six continents.