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About BuyVeteran.ca

Prince’s Trust Canada’s mission is to empower young people and Veterans to build resilient, future-ready communities.  Our programming in support of Veterans launched in 2011, and has continued to grow and evolve ever since, under the banner of Operation Entrepreneur.

On November 1st 2016, as part of our broader commitment to supporting Veteran entrepreneurship, Prince's Trust Canada launched Canada's first online directory dedicated to promoting businesses owned by members of the military and Veteran communities. Over time the BuyVeteran.ca directory has grown from 30 to over 400 businesses and has become the rallying place for the Buy Veteran movement in Canada.

It is also home to our annual #BuyVeteranCA campaign. Every year during Remembrance Week (November 1st to 10th) the directory draws national attention and we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of Canada’s soldiers, sailors, and aviators, plus the families that stand behind them. The campaign has reached millions of Canadians at home and abroad through radio, print, television, and social media channels. Campaign Media

The directory is searchable by province and industry sector, making it easy to find products and services in local communities and online.  From bakeries in British Columbia, to home inspectors in Ontario, to B & B’s in Newfoundland, we are proud that Canadians are choosing to Buy Veteran. It truly is a tangible way to say Thank you for your service.

“The directory is the civilian-facing arm of our work with Veterans. We know Canadians are looking for ways to support and thank our military.  When you buy from one of these businesses, you are not only receiving a great product or service, you’re supporting a Veteran in their new life mission.” - Sharon Broughton, CEO of Prince’s Trust Canada

Note: “Veteran” as in #BuyVeteranCA is used as a catchword and encompasses with equal importance Veterans, still-serving members, reservists, spouses, and their families.

About the businesses listed in BuyVeteran.ca

Prince’s Trust Canada hosts BuyVeteran.ca as an extension of our work building community and promoting inclusive, sustainable economic growth within Canada’s Veteran community.
Many entrepreneurs listed are active members of the #BuyVeteranCA community through participation in our workshops, boot camps, business mentoring, networking events and volunteer opportunities. Others have their listing in the directory as a single point of engagement with Prince's Trust Canada. We welcome all listings equally and all are subject to the same Terms and Conditions of Listing.

Prince's Trust Canada is not a funding or grant-giving organization. None of the businesses listed have received funding of any kind from Prince's Trust Canada.

The open, community-building spirit that drove us to create this national bilingual gathering place for all Veteran-owned businesses means prior participation in any of our programs or prior engagement with Prince's Trust Canada is not required to list a business. It also means we do not officially or otherwise endorse any businesses and cannot guarantee the veracity of the businesses’ listed.

Do you know a military entrepreneur?

Listing businesses in the Canadian Veteran Business Directory is free and open to all current or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families. It takes 10 minutes and requires only a short business description and logo or image. To list: navigate to Veteran Login on the top right corner of our home page and follow the instructions. Listings are live within 36 hours. 

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Are you a military entrepreneur?

Other than promoting businesses, the Directory exists to help you grow your personal and professional networks. Starting a small business can be isolating with few opportunities to recharge. Use the Directory to connect with local military entrepreneurs for coffee or those in the same industry for ideas and advice. While you're at it, why not think creatively and find a way to promote each other?

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