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Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to start from scratch

When Brock Harrison began to plan for his release from the Canadian military after 20 years of service, he suspected that owning his own business would be right for him. His varied military career..Read More

Building in more family time with a family-based business

Gabriel Mercier and his wife Deirdre began working on their business plan while on parental leave. With a new baby at home and Gabriel’s upcoming voluntary release from the Canadian Armed Fo..Read More

Climbing the ladder of success by planning early

Even while still serving full-time in the military, mountaineering instructor Patrick Lamothe began looking for a way to link his passion for climbing to a business venture. While leading a course, he..Read More

Emerging from PTSD with new purpose

After Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Chris Linford returned from a tour in Rwanda, he began suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He knew the illness was taking a toll on him, ..Read More

From Cryptography to Real Estate in two short years.

Veronique Simoneau jokes that she wanted to become a real estate agent to get to get a peek inside of people’s houses, but the reality is, real estate has always been a passion of hers. She ..Read More

From gym workouts to business owner: One small step at a time

Leading Seaman Bruno Guévremont needed new motivation upon his medical release from the Canadian Armed Forces in early 2014. The Naval Clearance Diver with explosives expertise had served ..Read More

Helping to solve problems in an increasingly complex world

Steve Day wasn’t looking to retire from the Canadian military. The former Commander of Joint Task Force 2 had been in Special Operations for over a decade, but by the fall of 2013, he was lookin..Read More

Pro-bono legal service helps with trademark

When Damien’s brand was threatened, he consulted Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur’s ongoing support resources for help. Damien knew early in the transition process that a second caree..Read More

The Boston T Bed and Breakfast

Shelley Gosselin, 25 years of service, Memorial 2014 boot camp alumnus ..Read More

The winding road to entrepreneurial success: expect the unexpected

Jamie Sangster, Lt. Commander in the Royal Canadian Navy, never considered himself a natural entrepreneur. Though he has 20 years of military service, he had no experience in sales or busine..Read More

Transitioning Military Skills to Civilian Trades

While he was still a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, Joe Wright began to explore options for self-employment. He knew he wanted to find a way to be home more, to spend more time with his wife a..Read More

Turning a passion into a successful career

Tracey Dean truly enjoyed her career as a Supply Technician in the Canadian Armed Forces. She had always intended to serve for her entire career, and then spend her retirement running her own business..Read More