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Canada’s biggest entrepreneurial demographic sport a few grey hairs

Monday, November 14, 2016

Financial Post: Paul Melhus, 62, of Vancouver, is hardly the bright young thing you usually associate with a new business startup. But it wasn’t until 10 years ago that he and partner Dave Vincent (also a Boomer) hit on the concept for their most successful business ToursByLocals.com.

“It was our last day in China and we hadn’t visited the Great Wall, so we hired a driver to take us there,” Melhus said. While on the wall, two Chinese ladies approached Melhus and Vincent, delivering an impromptu tour sharing historical and cultural facts.

“We were interested in what they had to say, but it felt so uncomfortable,” Melhus said. “There was this undercurrent of, ‘Why are they being so nice to us?’” Inevitably, when it came time to part, the women brought out some books and cards to sell. Melhus and Vincent didn’t want them, but shelled over their last few yuan anyway.

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