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Eight reasons to attend an Introduction to Entrepreneurship one-day workshop

Friday, February 21, 2020

Are you on the fence about signing up for Operation Entrepreneur’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship one-day workshop? Not sure what you will gain from attending? Whether you’ve already got your website up and running or you don’t quite have a business idea yet, there are a multitude of reasons why you should attend a one-day workshop. 

1. Networking with veterans

Being able to meet, interact and make connections with other veterans is one of the most valuable things our attendees say they take away from our one-day workshop. For many, making new connections builds a sense of confidence and community ─ areas that are sometimes lacking for transitioning veterans.

2. Learn about how your military skills can translate to entrepreneurship

When searching for a job, most people try to pursue opportunities that match their strengths and skills. For military veterans, many of the leadership, strategic planning and teamwork skills you’ve obtained during your years of service can directly translate into entrepreneurship. Our workshops help veterans draw parallels between these two careers.

3. Test the waters

Starting your own business demands commitment, perseverance and a lot of planning. It is a career choice that doesn’t suit a lot of people. Learning about the realities of entrepreneurship, from its lifestyle to its workload, will help you make an informed choice as to whether to pursue it or not.

4. Set goals for yourself

Perhaps you’ve already started on the business creation path, but you don’t know what the next step is. Our workshops go over some actionable steps you can take, from incorporation to building a website, that can help you set goals for yourself. You can learn more about the processes of creating a business and then start to build out a timeline.

5. Learn about the gig economy

The gig economy, which consists of freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers, is on the rise. Our workshops educate attendees about this career option, what it entails and how more and more customers are turning to small businesses for their purchases. 

6. Ask questions to professionals

Do you have a business question that Google can’t quite answer? Our one-day workshops are led by our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, who are business professionals themselves, with a wealth of experience and knowledge they’d love to share. These workshops are a great opportunity to get in front of a professional, ask specific questions and get some of their insights.

7. Learn about resources in your community and online

There are a lot of free, accessible resources for veterans interested in entrepreneurship that you may have never heard of. Our workshop provides a comprehensive bank of resources in your community and online that you can access at any time.

8. Bring your spouse

Our one-day workshops are open to all Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans, reservists and their families. It can be a great, shared learning opportunity for you and your spouse. Bring your partner along to see if this would be a good fit for either (or both!) of you. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, so assessing whether it’s right for you and your family is a necessary first step.  

Have we convinced you yet? Check out our one-day workshop page on our website to look at the 2020 schedule and sign up for a workshop. Workshops are held on Canadian Armed Forces bases and typically run from October to April and are free to attend.