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From boots to business

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Memorial University: A Memorial-based boot camp that delivers business skills training is offering former members of Canada’s military a chance at new careers as entrepreneurs.

“I’m what we would call a broken solider,” said Phillip Guy, a former tank driver in an Edmonton-based regiment for the Canadian military.

Injury in action

“When I was serving in Afghanistan, I ran over an IED and the concussion went up through my back because I was the tank driver and you gotta think, like a low-rider car, that’s how close you are to the ground,” Mr. Guy, 39, said recently from the Gardiner Centre in St. John’s, where he was midway through an Enactus Memorialprogram known as Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur. “So, I got injured and can no longer wear a helmet anymore because of the nerve damage in my neck, so because you can’t wear a helmet, you can no longer be a solider because you can’t wear the protective gear.”  Read article online