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Why military entrepreneurs should join the Treble Victor Group

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Any business expert you ask will tell you networking is crucial for entrepreneurs to get their name out and make new connections, but it can be tricky for military entrepreneurs who are still getting a feel for the business world.

Thankfully, Treble Victor Group (3V), a networking group for ex-military members is a great place to start. Treble Victor is open to members of all ranks in the Canadian Armed Forces including Army, Navy and Air Force as well as those who have service within international militaries. Their slogan, “Achieving Together”, says it all. Their mission is to enable ex-military leaders to achieve their full potential in the marketplace, through their common values, teamwork, mentorship and their network’s connectivity.

With chapters in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Fredericton, members of the Treble Victor Group get access to the 3V network, invitations to participate in all 3V events and other benefits.

How do you join the Treble Victor Group?

To join Treble Victor you can complete their online application form which requires sharing your business information and military service details. Although you must be referred by an existing member, a good first step is following them on social media and attending one of their events.

Why should you join the 3V network?

There are more than 350 members across Canada, and we encourage all military entrepreneurs or business professionals to consider joining.

Building a network takes time, but through 3V you have immediate access to like-minded people who share the same experiences and perspectives as you. When transitioning from the military, maintaining a sense of community is invaluable and the support you can receive and give through 3V helps everyone “achieve together”.

Over the past few years, Operation Entrepreneur and Prince’s Trust Canada have collaborated with 3V to host a number of events across Canada. To stay updated on these types of events and get important program news, join the Operation Entrepreneur newsletter.

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