Ongoing Support

Whether you're just starting out or have an operational business, there are many free online tools available to guide on your entrepreneurial journey. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)Futurpreneur Canada, TD Bank and Canada Business Network websites have webinars, articles, templates and more designed to educate, inform and inspire entrepreneurs. Also, check out our podcast series, Entrepreneurial Recon, guest hosted by program alumni and Veteran entrepreneurs.  

The online tools below are great places to start. The next step is connecting in-person (or over the phone) with local resources in your community.  Start building your entrepreneurial support network today!

Entrepreneurial Mindset

1. Exploring entrepreneurship: Is it right for me? Can I start small?

2. Do I have a good idea?

Business Fundamentals

3. Creating a new business

4. Planning for your business

5. Financing

6. Selling 

7. Marketing

9. BDC webinars

10. Books

Connecting with free resources in your community

Canada has a wealth of free in-person support resources waiting to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. You can find traditional “bricks and mortar” government funded offices in all major cities and most rural centres across Canada. They all go by different names (Small Business Development Centre, Community Futures, KEDCO) making them sometimes difficult to find. Whatever the name, they all are staffed by experts ready to assist or point you in the right direction. Contact one of them and start building your support network today! 

In the regional compilations below, the organization listed after POE is the best place to start. They either spoke at a POE one-day workshop or at boot camp and will always make time to talk and answer questions.

National and Online Resources (PDF) 
Canada Business Services Overview (PDF)

Provincial and Community-Based Resources (PDF):



Making money and charging what you're worth

Date: 13-Mar-2018 | Presenter: Debbie Adams
From veteran to entrepreneur, Debbie shares the lessons that she has learned as she moved from a heart-to-serve to profit motive. Listen to Podcast

The Close: Moving seamlessly, elegantly, and confidently from pitch to asking for business

Date: 11-May-2018 | Presenter: Edmund Chien
Many people in sales are afraid to ask for the business. In this episode, Edmund details how to look for the moment when to ask for the sale. And then how to ask for the sale from a position of confidence in a non-pushy way. Listen to Podcast

The importance of asking for help with Dave Morrow

Date: 14-Aug-2019 | Presenter: Dave Morrow
Dave Morrow shares shares his personal story about why asking for help, a challenge for many veterans, is also one of the most important steps they can take. Listen to Podcast

Veteran Entrepreneurship in Canada

Date: 27-Nov-2018 | Presenter: Will Lymer and Nicole Verkindt
Will Lymer and Nicole Verkindt discuss the entrepreneurial landscape in Canada and what’s needed for veteran entrepreneurs to succeed. Listen to Podcast

What I've learned about customer service

Date: 05-Feb-2018 | Presenter: Laura Nash
Laura Nash of and 2017 Dalhousie boot camp graduate shares her thoughts on the importance of good customer service. Listen to Podcast

Canadian Veteran Business Directory

About the Canadian Veteran Business Directory

On November 1st 2016 POE officially launched Canada's first online business directory dedicated to promoting Veteran-owned business. This provides a tangible way for patriotic Canadians to recognize and support Veterans and their families beyond Remembrance Day. The Directory is searchable by province and industry sector making it easy to find what you're looking for. Whether it's an artisan bakery in Squamish or a web designer specializing in online optimization check out the Directory first.  

 In November 2017, POE created a Buy Veteran brand making it easier for Canadians to find the Directory and support Veteran-owned businesses:

Do you know a military entrepreneur?

Listing businesses in the Canadian Veteran Business Directory is free and open to all current or former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families. It takes 10 minutes and requires only a short business description and logo or image. To list: navigate to Veteran Login on the top right corner of our home page and follow the instructions. Listings are live within 24 hours.

Are you a military entrepreneur?

Other than promoting businesses, the Directory exists to help you grow your personal and professional networks. Starting a small business can be isolating with few opportunities to recharge. Use the Directory to connect with local military entrepreneurs for coffee or those in the same industry for ideas and advice. While you're at it, why not think creatively and find a way to promote each other?

Login to list your business Go to Directory 
Download Buy Veteran logos: BuyVeteran_Black      BuyVeteran_Colour     BuyVeteran_White

Corporate Legal Advice and Services

The number one legal mistake made by entrepreneurs is thinking legal issues can be addressed later. Through a partnership with Pro Bono Ontario and Bennett Jones LLP. POE is offering program participants a continuum of corporate law services such as: general legal information on business structure (incorporation, partnership, sole proprietorship) corporate tax, employment and contract law, real estate leases, licensing, intellectual property, and other business, commercial and regulatory matters related to their businesses.

This is offered free of charge to all participants across Canada whose businesses are listed in (That's free too!)   All legal advice given is specific to the province in question. 

Download information English 
Download information French 

"I fell lucky that I got help from the team at Bennett Jones. They have been awesome. I'd be in serious trouble without them." - Damien Pittman, owner of Punisher Waterfowl

Read about how the pro-bono legal service helped Damien and his business.

Step one: Complete the form below to indicate your interest and eligibility to participate in POE's free corporate legal services program. Do not use an @forces email address.
Step two: Once submitted, the autoresponder email contains a link to a secure form where more detailed information is requested.
Step three: Once the second form is submitted, expect to be contacted within 10 days.  The autoresponder also has a number to call if the matter is urgent.

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One-day workshop
Boot camp
Other: please list below

On Demand Entrepreneurship Learning Modules

Refresh your knowledge and expand your skills with Accenture’s Skills to Succeed!

Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur has collaborated with Accenture and Futurpreneur Canada to provide access to a series of six online learning modules focusing on key entrepreneurial concepts to help new entrepreneurs move their businesses forward. These modules can be viewed in any order, at any time, and a certificate earned upon completion.

To access 

1. Email with REQUEST FOR LOGIN in the subject line. 
2. Once received use your new login information to access the modules  Skills to Succeed Learning Modules   ( )

Module summaries

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Learn the skills to succeed when you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur! This module includes the different types of businesses that exist, what you need to start your own business, as well as the benefits and risks associated with entrepreneurship. 

Business Financial Planning

Financial planning can be an intimidating and time-consuming undertaking - this module will help you to define terms and understand things like: What is a sales forecast? What is a break even analysis? What is cash flow? How do I read an income statement?

Marketing Channels and Pricing

Can’t decide if you’re charging too much or too little for your product or service? Trying to decide the best way to market and promote your business? Whether you need help with creating a website, or you’re unsure of how to navigate the ever-changing world of social media, this module will present you with tools to be successful when trying to engage with your customers. 

Marketing Your Business

Are you having a difficult time trying to determine what your unique business market is? This module will provide insightful information about the different types of marketing activities as they relate to your business and explain the impact of supply and demand on market prices. 

Price, Profit and Cost

Arguably one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face is determining the value of and calculating the price of their product or service. This module will help you to define direct and indirect costs associated with your business, including labour costs, profits and profit margins, as well as start-up costs that you may encounter. 

Creating Your Business Plan

Every business needs a business plan. Whether you are still in the “idea stage,” or if your business has been operational for some time, you need to know how to best prepare for the future by mapping out the opportunities and challenges that you may face along your entrepreneurial journey.  A business plan will provide you with a path for the future and can help minimize risks associated with decision-making. 

Protecting Your Business

Taking the right steps to protect your business starts with learning the different types of Intellectual Property that exist, in order to choose the right one that best fits your unique product and/or service. This module will explore the appropriate steps to take when pursuing your options, whether you plan to copyright, trademark, and/or patent an idea or product. 

Running Your Business

Ready to start operating your business? Already operational? This module will provide information about how to choose the best type of workspace for you, as well as provide insight into the types of operational challenges that come with owning your own business such as location, legal issues, insurance, human resources, and production flow.