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#ourstories Angelise

While I was in my senior year of high school my older sister was an active Enactus volunteer and recruited me to the team, which I kept up with through university. Through Enactus I was able to become involved with Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, and their boot camps at Memorial University. I have volunteered with the past three!

Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur participants have done so much in support of our country and I wanted to find a way to use whatever business knowledge I had to support their entrepreneurial careers. I admire their determination so much, each participant comes to our boot camp with a strong willingness to learn and works hard each and every day to achieve their personal goals, and grow their business idea.

One of my favourite things about the boot camps is that I get to meet people from a walk of life that I’m not normally exposed to. Their stories and creativity are beyond inspiring to me, and it has provided me with a great opportunity to connect with Armed Forces members in a way I have not previously been able to. Personally, I think I’ve become more aware. Specifically, I’m increasingly able to recognize and understand the complex lives of those around me. Working with Canadian Forces members has exposed me to a little bit more of the world and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

I really admire Canadian Armed Forces personnel. So many people go through their entire careers without actually liking what they do, but that’s not the case with the Canadian Armed Forces. There are so many more ways to get involved in the Canadian Armed Forces than I ever thought and despite highs and lows, everyone enjoyed their time in the military.

I’ve learned to appreciate every aspect of my education. As a millennial student in Canada it is easy to take post-secondary education for granted. Each POE participant that I have had the privilege of working with has been so grateful for the boot camp’s courses and professors. They’ve taught me to recognize how lucky I am to have access to higher education. They’ve really reinforced that building a business is definitely something I’d like to do! I love the passion and pride that comes with building a business and becoming an entrepreneur – and boot camp participants really embody that passion, pride, and drive.