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#ourstories David

I got involved with Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur at Université Laval, where I am Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In my position I work very closely with members of RÉEL who volunteer with POE boot camps.

In the winter semester of 2014, my friend Guillaume who was student coordinator for the boot camp told me about this great program he was working with. He convinced me to get involved and be part of the progress being made. He told me not only would it be beneficial for my own personal growth, but it would have a lasting effect on me. He was right – getting involved has been a memorable experience, and one that has contributed to my personal growth!

I have worked with two boot camps at Université Laval, first in 2014 as a volunteer mentor, and in 2015 as a student coordinator. What consistently inspires me to return to the boot camps as a student volunteer is the feeling that I am making a real difference in the lives of these individuals.

Working with the boot camps has really changed my perspective on the armed forces, and our military members. I see the military in a completely different way. Before boot camp, I thought military skills were directed predominantly at combat and supporting combat operations, but I was completely wrong. Their military training transcends boundaries, and its application to the civilian business world has the potential to make them great entrepreneurs with successful business start-ups. It is particularly inspiring to me that after release many of these veterans are so eager to pursue their own entrepreneurial careers, and take a completely new professional direction. They are incredibly driven to really pursue and build their dreams.

The boot camps have exposed me to armed forces members in a way that I would not otherwise have had. Being able to provide hands on assistance to forty service members who were so engaged and willing to learn is quite a feeling. Not only was I more exposed to the armed forces, but my boot camp experiences have also propelled me into greater involvement with my faculty.

I was able to fully utilize concepts from my university courses working with participants, and see the practical application of my education first hand. I was able to see a project grow from point A to point Z – the experience has really pushed me to continue on my own entrepreneurial journey, and hopefully construct my own business in aeronautics!