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#ourstories Jennifer

Actually, I originally became involved with Enactus because of the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur. When it was announced that the University of Regina would be hosting its first POE boot camp in the summer of 2013, I signed up to help plan the event and volunteered as a student mentor. Afterwards, I officially became a member of Enactus Regina and was appointed as one of two project managers for the following year’s POE boot camp.

I was really enthusiastic about getting involved with POE! It felt like I was about to be part of something huge – I was eager to meet and work with all of the aspiring entrepreneurs and excited by the idea that I might be able to help someone with the knowledge and skills I had gained as a business student.

The best part of working with CAF members and Veterans, by far, is having the chance to get to know each of them personally. During Regina’s 2014 boot camp, I even shared an apartment with three of these program participants who were incredibly amazing women. They have incredible life experiences and vast amounts of lessons and life-advice to share. All of the POE participants that I have worked with are truly incredible and have taught me much more than I could ever hope to return.

I have worked with three POE boot camps in Regina – 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The transition out of the CAF is difficult for many which makes the determination, drive and passion that they exhibit while leaping into their new careers all the more impressive. I admire these aspiring entrepreneurs most for their dedication both to serving their country and to their new careers as entrepreneurs.

I honestly knew very little about the modern-day Canadian Armed Forces before working with POE. Now, I feel that I have a better understanding of the varying experiences of its members and have a stronger appreciation for the sacrifices they make to serve. I’ve also learned that CAF members and Veterans make excellent entrepreneurs! They are natural leaders. The qualities that many of them share such as their discipline, resilience, adaptability, determination and a strong work ethic lend themselves well to entrepreneurship.

The POE participants have inspired me to want to start my own business one day. The hard work that they put towards something that is so important to them is something I can aspire to. It’s amazing to see their businesses materialize and grow after the boot camp is finished.

Volunteering for POE made me realize what it’s like to “give my all” to something that I’m passionate about. This is now something that I can strive for in my post-grad career.