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#ourstories Pat and Greg

After graduating from university I had a deep desire to travel and see the world – as one does after four years of studying. After graduation it really was on the top of my to-do-list, but I needed a way to facilitate my travels. When I looked into the Forces, all I thought was that this was the perfect opportunity to both challenge myself and travel to all different parts of the world. That opportunity turned into an adventure that lasted over thirty years.

The Canadian Forces molded me into an individual who is community minded, strong of heart, and instilled the “never give up” attitude. Everything, I think, that is necessary for a business owner hoping to challenge themselves to build a brand from scratch. But above all, I learned to believe in myself and specifically I learned what I was capable of doing and pushing myself to achieve.

When I made the decision to transition out of military service, I attended the standard seminars that the military provides to pinpoint programs and seminars available for training in the civilian workforce. When I heard about the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur it made me realize that starting my own business was the next journey that I wanted to take. It was what I always wanted to do.

I attended the July 2015 boot camp at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. Johns with my husband – we were the first military couple to attend the boot camp together! After full careers in the military we were sitting in the classroom thinking to ourselves “what are we doing here with all these young people who already have a plan and are on their way!”

But as the week progressed and we dived further into the details of building the business, POE truly showed us that we have all that it takes to make our dreams come true. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in (freshly out of school – or a thirty year veteran on the Armed Forces) or what your business plan may be, all you need is the entrepreneurial spirit and be willing to give it your all. POE really instilled what the Canadian Armed Forces had instilled in me over 31 years – I have what it takes to be successful.

We have made the big move back to Newfoundland – building our home together and now we are embarking on the next phase of our lives: building our café in the town of Pouch Cove.