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#ourstories Samantha

I heard about Enactus through a friend, and attended one of the general meetings. From there, I was in love! I dove in head first, and became very involved with my first Enactus project: Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur (POE). Working extensively on this project for months, my involvement, and passion for Enactus grew. This lead to my election as President of Enactus Dalhousie.

At the first Enactus general meeting I attended, I started talking with the POE Project Manager, who explained this awesome initiative, and the work that was being done to help these veterans and transitioning military members. I was excited about the project, so I attended the POE planning and logistics meeting the next day. I was inspired by the passion of the students and volunteers making a difference in the lives of the people who have served us. To this day, I still enjoy being a part of the POE team, and working with the 2015 Dalhousie boot camp was definitely a highlight for me.

My favourite part of working with POE is definitely getting to know Forces members on a personal level, and seeing them progress and grow throughout the week. Every individual at our boot camp had an interesting, unique story, and to be able to make a difference to these inspiring, hardworking people in their road to entrepreneurship is something very special.

What I admire the most about participants is their resilience, and ability to push themselves outside of their comfort zones. Entrepreneurship is a field of work which is dramatically different than that of the armed forces. Everything from language to style of leadership is different. And yet, these people are willing to take the risk to push themselves head first into this often very foreign territory, and work their butts off to succeed.

I have learned that the people who work, or have worked for the armed forces, are often very resilient and dynamic individuals. As someone with a love for entrepreneurship, I greatly appreciate these virtues, and can easily relate to their mentality. Through working with many of these people one-on-one, it became clear that many of us have a number of things in common, which led to the building of a number of closer connections throughout the week.

I am very passionate about entrepreneurship, as well as helping other people build their businesses. I am currently working on my first venture, and I plan on pursuing entrepreneurship well into the future.

This experience has really driven home for me how powerful it is for a group of passionate individuals to come together to achieve a common goal. The energy of the amazing student leaders, staff and volunteers involved with this project was electric and exciting. This experience was undoubtedly path-changing for me, and led me to pursue the role of President for Enactus Dalhousie. It also helped me to reinforce and foster my passion for entrepreneurship.

When you take the time to really focus on impacting the lives of one group of individuals, or even just one individual, there is always a ripple effect. Not only does POE directly impact veterans and transitioning armed forces members, but it also impacts the families of these people, strengthens the local economy, and helps to build a stronger entrepreneurial community. There is so much good that comes from the decision to help another person to reach their fullest potential.