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#ourstories Stephen

Why did I join the armed forces? Simply put my mother suggested it to me. My father had served, he enjoyed his time with the service, and she thought that I would too. It taught me a lot: organization, how to plan and overcome difficulties, things that at the end of the day are really crucial to being an entrepreneur. One day it just clicked, no one was offering what I wanted and saw a need for, and no one was going too; I figured that I would do it myself.

The armed forces teaches you a lot, but leaving the military I needed to learn some specifics about business ownership if I really was going to push myself and open a business. So I attended the 2015 Regina Boot Camp, the best one if I can say so. It was amazing, I was sitting in class thinking that all my needs were being met and all I had to do was learn – I haven’t had that freedom in a long time. I graduated, and thought to myself I finally have the skills I need to complete what I started.

Looking back I get a bit of a laugh. Time seemed to drag and accomplishments were slow to come, but after Boot Camp I felt like time was flying as I accomplished task after task and collected the rest of the resources I was after. Things are really coming along now. I’m building a team, writing proposals, and booking presentations while planning structural requirements to meet my deadlines.

Entrepreneurship changes you. I see other businesses and no longer wonder why they struggle. It has made me speak out (which isn’t always appreciated, but for the most part it is) and networking has become so much easier – it has definitely led to more resources.

What’s next? A secondary enterprise to help launch clients who have benefited from my business model. I want to show them how to connect with POE so they can include the skills I learned into their own future plans. It really is a journey and the best is yet to come.