Spouse Workshops

What is it?

Operation Entrepreneur's “Let’s Get Talking About Your Business” is a two-part virtual workshop series for military spouses piloting in February 2021. 

All entrepreneurs must talk about their business to people outside their network for great ideas to turn into successful ventures. We designed this series because it can be challenging to effectively talk about your business or business idea to new people and in unfamiliar situations.  Whether that be talking to a potential customer, a new supplier, or possible funder or partner, confidently talking about your business in an engaging way is crucial for business success.

Join us to:
  • Learn how to talk about your business or business idea in a way that makes people listen

  • Discover tips on tailoring your message to different audiences

  • Understand why talking to competitors or those in the same industry is good for business—especially for military spouses 

  • Practice your new skills on successful entrepreneurs and business experts at a virtual speed networking event

  • Grow your personal and professional network

This series is presented in collaboration with Military Family Services and with support from Support our Troops. 

What to expect

Day One

  • Connecting the dots between your business goals and your personal goals and how that enhances your ability to talk about your business

  • Determine your talking points and discover what different audiences need to hear from you and why   

Day Two  

  • Polishing your talking points

  • Tips on listening for feedback in a way that helps grow your business.  

  • Speed networking session. Get ready for fun! During this session you’ll talk about your business or business idea with experienced entrepreneurs and business experts who are eager to help move your plans forward. This is your opportunity to ask questions and get feedback and insights in a fast-paced fun environment. 

  • Debrief and next steps 



Part 1 - Sat Feb 20, 2021 10:00am - 12:00pm (ET)
Part 2 - Sat Feb 27, 2021 10:00am - 12:30pm (ET) 
Delivered on ZOOM (video on required) 

Please read the PHOTO RELEASE POLICY before completing the registration form below.  You will be asked to accept or decline permission.  

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Who is it for?

This two-part interactive workshop series is open to all military spouses who want to increase their confidence talking about their business or business idea. Whether in the idea stage, pre-operational stage, or you're already running a business, this series will move your business dreams forward.   

Please join us!